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Christian and his band Kane Still Icontest

CK and Kane Still Icontest
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Welcome to kane_stillness An icontest community dedictaed to the actor Christian Kane of Angel the Series fame, and his band Kane. We will run weekly contests featuring either the actor, the band or both.

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ciley Head mod and creator of the community.

Email: lucile.elise@gmail.com


Email: joannewelsh76@hotmail.com


Email: expastic@gmail.com

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1. The Graphics you enter must be your own

2.Check each challenge for the number of icons to make, it'll change per challenge.

3. They must fit lj icon standards, this means icons must be no more than 100x100 and 40K

4. This is a stillness community, there must be no animation in any icons you submit.

5. No rudeness

6. Do not advertise communities here

7. You must not post any icon submitted in a contest ANYWHERE before voting of said challenge is finished

8. You cannot change your entry once it has been submitted

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Want to become an affiliate? The email one of the moderators, we'll be more than happy to add you.